M3M 114 Market

M3M 114 Market

M3M 114 Market, situated at the heart of a burgeoning urban landscape, stands as a testament to modernity and sophistication. This avant-garde commercial hub seamlessly blends contemporary design with functional elegance, creating a vibrant space that caters to the diverse needs of businesses and consumers alike. Spanning an expansive area, M3M 114 Market 2023 is more than just a shopping destination; it is a dynamic ecosystem that fosters a sense of community and connectivity.

The architectural brilliance of the M3M 114 2023 Market is immediately evident as one approaches the structure. A harmonious blend of glass facades and sleek lines gives the complex a futuristic appeal, drawing the attention of passersby and setting the tone for the high-end experience that awaits within. The meticulously planned layout ensures easy navigation through a myriad of retail spaces, boutique stores, and culinary delights, creating a lively atmosphere that engages visitors on multiple sensory levels.

This commercial enclave is not just about aesthetics; it is a hub of economic activity that caters to a diverse range of businesses. From flagship stores of international brands to cozy cafes that provide a perfect setting for business meetings, M3M 114 Market caters to the varied preferences of its clientele. State-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure ensure that businesses within the complex operate efficiently, making it an ideal location for entrepreneurs and established enterprises alike.

Beyond its commercial significance, M3M 114 Market is designed to be a social hub where people can gather, interact, and create lasting memories. The inclusion of open spaces, greenery, and recreational areas fosters a sense of community, transforming the complex into a destination where people not only shop but also come together to celebrate life and share experiences.

M3M 114 Market SCO


  • Situated on main Sector Road
  • Proximity to nearby residential locations
  • Promising growth opportunity in the area
  • Located in main commercial zone of entire region right next to Delhi border
  • More commercial development to come up in the area soon
  • Accessibility to international airport
  • Returns expected at good rates in the future
  • Flexible plot modules for retail and office spaces
  • Adequate car parking facility on the surface
  • 6 m wide driveway on all sides
  • Perfectly suited for pedestrians
  • Promising development in the neighbouring areas
  • Good supportive infrastructure

M3M 114 Market SCO Plots HIGHLIGHTS:

  • Ground+4 storey SCO spaces
  • Advantage of terrace space
  • Close to corporate projects of Gurgaon
  • First Project from Delhi
  • 0 KM from Delhi
  • 100% Land Ownership
  • 100% Area Efficiency
  • Well Defined Entry & Exit
  • Drive Through Boulevards
  • Ample Surface Parking
  • Catchment of 1.25+ lacs people
  • HRERA 60 OF 2022

M3M 114 Market SCO Plots Location Advantages:

  • 3 Mins IICC: Asia’s Largest Convention & Exhibition Centre
  • 5 Mins Diplomatic Enclave II
  • 5 Mins Bharat Vandana Park India’s Largest Theme Park
  • 5 Mins Delhi’s Largest Transportation Hub

M3M 114 Market SCO Plots SCO Plots Available Plot Sizes :

75 SQ.YDCall for Price
85 SQ.YDCall for Price
95 SQ.YDCall for Price
105 SQ.YDCall for Price
115 SQ.YDCall for Price
50% within 30 days of booking
50% within 1 year of booking
Booking Amount – Rs. 21,00,000
• Inaugural Discount – Rs. 25,000 psyds.
• Pre-handover benefit – 11% p.a. accumulated at the time of possession or NPV discount of 10%
• Post-handover bebenfit – Rs. 2,500 psyds. Per month for 12 months or upfront discount of Rs. 25,000 psyds. at the time of booking

M3M 114 Market SCO Plots Location Map:

M3M 114 Market SCO Plots Site Plan:

  • Address: Sector 114, Bajghera, Gurugram, Haryana
  • Location: Dwarka Expressway Projects
  • State: Haryana
  • Zip/Postal Code: 122017
  • Price: Rs.2 Cr. Onwards*
  • Property Type: Commercial, Commercial Ongoing Projects, Plots
  • Property Status: New Launched
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